We will design and build your dream home from scratch! From geodesy, site plan, drawings and layout of rooms to the final finishing of the walls outside and the last bedside table inside the house.


    Stages of
    architectural design

    • Meeting with the customer
      preparation of specification

    • Conclusion of an agreement
      for project development

    • Development of planning decisions and the
      general plan of the site

    • Execution of geodesy and
      geological work

    • Determination of the budget
      and selection of materials

    • 3D object

    • project and
      drawings preparation

    • Delivery of the
      approved project


    • Site master plan
    • Floor plans of the house
    • Floor plans with leads for sanitary equipment
    • Light and color scheme of facades
    • Home visualizations
    • House facades
    • Longitudinal section of the house
    • Cross section of the house
    • Basement plan
    • Specification of basement materials, reinforcement
    • Floor plans
    • Specification of floor materials, reinforcement
    • Drawings of interfloor stairs
    • Masonry plans
    • Lintel plans, bill of materials for walls
    • Roof plan, truss system plan
    • Nodes of junctions, overhangs, passages
    • Specification of roofing materials
    • Structural waterproofing solutions
    • Vapor barrier, insulation
    • Schemes of construction of terraces and canopies, junction nodes
    • Drawings of decorative elements of the house
    • Specification of window and door openings
    • Mounting points for window and door blocks
    • Specification and characteristics of finishing materials at home

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