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We create and implement “turn-key” projects. Starting with project and design, ending with the renovation and furniture installation. You can trust our company with 14 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We will bring to life your most daring and complex idea


About our

The Museum interior company appeared in 2008. All this time we prove that renovation without problems and headaches are possible! And we are your reliable assistants and guides.

In our work we are guided by the following principles:
- housing should be not only beautiful, but also functional;
- keep within the specified deadlines;
- Don’t go beyond the agreed budget.

For 14 years of existence of Museum Interior we have:
- more than a thousand satisfied customers;
- hundreds of apartments with designer renovation;
- dozens of restaurants, hotels and shopping malls with our design.

We turn the wildest dreams into real projects. Bringing Pinterest images to life is easy with Museum Interior!

  • 12 years of experience in the market

    12 years of experience in the market

    We have many years of experience in the sector of renovation.It helps to avoid mistakes that lead to missed deadlines and increased budgets.

  • “Turn-key” construction

    “Turn-key” construction

    We develop a design project, carry out all types of repair work, supply furniture and decor

  • Quality and timing guarantee

    Quality and timing guarantee

    We are financially responsible for the quality of work and deadlines. If something goes wrong, we will compensate for it at our own expense.

Artur Shutko

general director

The most precious thing in our life is time.

I promise that you will save it by dealing with our company!
You will enjoy the process, and we take care of all the pain,
all the difficulties of work and communication with contractors.

For 16 years of work in the construction industry, I have gone from a worker
to the head of a company. I have accumulated vast experience, which I will
share with you during the implementation of the project.

Our team
of specialists

  • Artur Shutko
    Artur Shutko


  • Ludmila Mironova
    Ludmila Mironova

    Head of
    Financial Department

  • Olesya Katanaha
    Olesya Katanaha

    Head of
    Civil Works Department

  • Katerina Kuripko
    Katerina Kuripko


  • Vladislav Kovalenko
    Vladislav Kovalenko

    Head of
    retail department

  • Fedor Golen
    Fedor Golen


  • Svetlana Kachalova
    Svetlana Kachalova

    Head of
    design and
    engineering department

  • Alexey Mokrushin
    Alexey Mokrushin

    Head of
    supply department

  • Tatyana Kachalova
    Tatyana Kachalova


  • Uliana Dudinova
    Uliana Dudinova


  • Marina Stelmakh
    Marina Stelmakh


  • Marina Tkach
    Marina Tkach


  • Anna Knysh
    Anna Knysh


  • Vladislav Kolesnikov
    Vladislav Kolesnikov


  • Vyacheslav Kiktenko
    Vyacheslav Kiktenko

    Design engineer

  • Andrey Livanov
    Andrey Livanov


  • Tatiana Evpak
    Tatiana Evpak


  • Alexander Zhigadlo
    Alexander Zhigadlo


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How we

  • Meeting with the client, preparation of technical specifications

    Meeting with the client, preparation of technical specifications

  • Room measurement, </br>measurement plan

    Room measurement,
    measurement plan

  • Prepayment for <br>design developmen

    Prepayment for
    design developmen

  • Design development <br>and planning solutions

    Design development
    and planning solutions

  • Estimate calculation, <br>choice of materials

    Estimate calculation,
    choice of materials

  • Prepayment for </br>renovation work

    Prepayment for
    renovation work

  • Performing renovation <br>and equipment of the object

    Performing renovation
    and equipment of the object

  • Delivery of finished  <br>project on a “turn-key” basis

    Delivery of finished
    project on a “turn-key” basis

Feedback from our clients

Every project is very special for us. So we rooting for him with the whole team. Therefore, we are infinitely grateful for such sincere, truthful reviews of our customers.

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