Ukraine, Kiev
283 sq.m.
Year of the project
2020 year

Eco style in the interior is based on the design of modern styles, involves the effective use of natural surfaces.

We decided to add an Italian twist to liven up and add flavor to the interior, with the feeling of being in an Italian villa near a winery. Natural materials emphasized connection with nature.

Windows were used as much as possible to let in natural light and create an impression of unity with the natural component.

The central detail of the interior was an open kitchen located right in the hall to show environmental friendliness, dispel doubts about hygiene, visualize the preparation of delicacies and filling the premises with the smell of spices to tickle the appetite of customers. A design feature was competent zoning with partitions - to create cozy areas and relax each guest, taking into account the rectangular shape of the room, so as not to overload the interior.

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