Ukraine, Kharkov
136 sq.m.
Year of the project
2020 year

We were faced with a secret task - to develop an indoor men's salon, which will become a place of strength and freedom.

The room features high ceilings and large arched windows.

There are no unsolvable tasks before us.

Solution: ergonomically use the space of the common room for the work of masters and the comfort of visitors: functional lighting of workplaces, free space for work and leisure, a spacious, private area, territory, sphere for each member of the club in a common grunge loft style. As a result, we managed to develop an interior with a special atmosphere, where drinking a glass of whiskey you can relax after a working day without getting a reprimand from your beloved. A place where you want to return more than once every three weeks, and a place where you would like to borrow a couple of ideas for the leader's men's apartment.

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